Emo Girl

by Astrit Ismaili

EMO GIRL is an emo pop musical composed and directed by Astrit Ismaili in collaboration with Magdalena Mitterhofer, Vita Evangelista, Carina Erdman, Blerta Ismaili, Bahghi Yemane, Matthijs Walhout, Vincent Arp and Eero Lampinen. Bass and music arrangement by Vincent Arp. The performers embody femme, queer and non-binary identities queering heteronormative ways of how we perceive relationships, gender and sexuality by proposing a new cult-like community. This artistic work is inspired by the 2000s Emo-Goth/Rock subcultures movements that are generally associated with youth who are dispirited and angry at society, people or themselves. The performance is a paradox that playfully critiques the neoliberal politics that violently reduces our bodies to labor by limiting the possibilities of becoming, but also showcases the obsession with stardom, which is seen as a path to self- fulfilment and validation. 'Emo Girl' is a musical manifesto that deals with the trauma derived from experiences that non-conforming bodies are confronted with in daily bases.

Pictures by Thomas Lenden